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My Kpop Biases are 1. Jaejoong(hubby), 2. T.O.P, 3.Jonghyun , 4. Yongguk, 5. Dongwoo, 6.Vixx(yes the whole group) 7. E.Den 8. Suga 9.Topp Dogg(I cant pick so shutup) 10. Jackson&Mark 11. M.I.B(yes again all of them) Jrock Biases 1.Jin(Screw) 2. Aoi(The Gazette) 3. Miyavi 4. Gackt 5.Byou Regular Bias 1. Taylor Launter(first crush ever) 2. Kendrick Lamar 3. Jet Li 4. Tyler the Creator 5.Zion T(I don't see him as kpop) 6. The Weeknd 7. Tyrese 8. Men of all shades <3

Here since it was requested long ago. The link to my selfies. I don't know why yall want it, but *shrugs*.
My new loves &lt;3 #shoes#colorful#bucco

My new loves <3 #shoes#colorful#bucco

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tagged as: shoes. colorful. bucco.

posted on April 11, 2013